Saturday 26 December 2015

Winter Wonderland 2015

Hello everyone, 

I hope you're all recovering from Christmas and getting ready for the New Year!

I had wanted to go to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland for years, and this year I managed to bully my boyfriend into going with me yippee!

As we are two students we went up to London Victoria on the National Express, for a return for both of us it cost £25 in total compared to the possible double sum to get the train. It took longer, and was slightly uncomfortable when trying to sleep, but for the money is was worth it!

Enjoy some of our snaps below:

Images courtesy of my lovely boyfriend; Connor Cleary, for once he was able to take nice photos of me!

The two attractions that we paid for were The Magical Ice Kingdom and Ice Skating, the time slot I chose for the latter was five in the evening, as I saw from the images that they have lots of fairy lights above the rink, and I thought it would be romantic. And as per I was correct! Even though my feet were blistering and my arm was hurting from holding my boyfriend up as he is not an avid ice skater.

I wouldn't have changed anything about the day, it was worth our money and it was a lovely day out with wonderful new memories. I completely recommend anyone going to Winter Wonderland, we nearly got lost in all of the cute little markets to get souvenirs or christmas presents.

As a side note I was very nervous about the day out, as it'd been a while since I'd been out for a whole day. With my anxiety I don't really like being out of the house much as my home is my comfort and sanctuary. I always worry what time I'll be back and if i'm going to have an attack or get ill, I had only one moment in Winter Wonderland. We were on our way from Oxford Street to Hyde Park and I was anxious about being late for ice skating as I didn't want to miss our slot that we had paid for! On the way I really needed to pee and there was a queue, and I was getting really close to having an anxiety attack in the middle of Winter Wonderland. 

But why? You may ask, I was having a lovely day with my boyfriend doing something I'd always wanted to do. So why was I getting so anxious? There's no reasonable explanation for it, I try to reason with it but I can't think of anything that explains why I would be so anxious in this situation. All I can do is try my breathing exercises, where I just breath in really deep and out over and over again until I feel better. The only issue is I can't tell anyone around me what's happening as it will get worse, I just power through with breathing whilst speed walking through Winter Wonderland so I can get my ice skates.

Fortunately that was my only moment, I think half the time I don't get as many as I used to because I find it so irritating I refuse to go to that place where I'm not in control.

Saffron x


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