Friday 5 February 2016

I'm Still Here!

Hey guys!

Or at least the few that might read this...I am sorry I haven't been uploading an awful lot, I'm actually really disappointed in myself.  Because blogging makes me happy, it gives me something other than University to do, and it helps me document things in my life. 

If any of you are at University you must know how busy and hectic it is, plus I'm on a creative course, so it's not just sitting at a computer and locking myself in my room and getting it all done. It's sitting at my computer emailing, messaging, searching and googling, ringing people, location hunting, rising money for films, badgering people for work AND trying to attend all my lectures and go to work!

Life gets so busy, and I'm juggling so much, but something that I have really been wanting to do for myself and for those of you that might read this. I want to start making videos, I want to actually talk to you guys and document my life through film. 

As soon I am about to walk into a hurricane begrudgingly, whilst trying to sort out my personal life and issues. So, I guess what better time to start attempting to vlog right?

I just wanted to keep you updated that I haven't disappeared into an abyss never to be seen again, I've just been hibernating, I tend to do that all year round. However, I want to stop hiding and embrace life, because it's short.

Hopefully the next time I see you guys is through a lens!

Thank you for reading this,

Love Saffron x
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