Tuesday 30 January 2018

Eight Years With My Best Friend

I'm not usually a gushy person on my blog, but I try to be as honest and open as I can. Connor is a huge part of my life, and I was inspired by reading one of Poppy Deyes' recent post here.

Today is our eighth anniversary as a couple. Wow. Nearly a decade of our lives. I can just hear Connor gulp anxiously. As well as being boyfriend and girlfriend, Connor is also my best friend.

I've chosen eight photos through the years while I waffle on a bit!

Any mathematicians would know that we started seeing each other in 2010. Connor caught me off guard with his cheeky smile, I wasn't expecting to meet someone so important in my life at school. I'd already endured three and a half years of secondary school, and not all of those memories were positive. When I met Connor, I was excited to go to school to see him (we also had a lot of classes together) in year ten a lot of classes from both sides of the year group became integrated. I'm so glad they did.

As a new teenage couple we were very much in love, and wanted to hold hands around campus and in classes. To which we got told off a few times in front of everyone for "public displays of affection". However, there were certainly more "handsy" couples throughout the school...

Nothing pleased me more than being able to go to my school Prom with Connor, but I also got to go with my friends. It was an amazing night, but it went by far too quickly. My favourite moment was when I was dancing with Connor, and he was looking at me as if I was the only person in the room. A memory like that is priceless. It was my first time having a full face of make up on and being completely dressed up, I just felt so lucky and special.

After we both finished school, we chose different colleges. I didn't want to make my decision purely on the fact my boyfriend went to the same college. Plus, we were studying different things and colleges tend to be specialised in certain subjects. It wasn't an easy choice from seeing each other almost every day, to seeing each other once a week and being quite far apart. But, we managed it. In my third year of college I already had my A Levels but I fell in love with filmmaking. So I went to the same college as Connor in my last year, but were in separate classes for half of the year.

During this time in college, we learned to have a "work relationship" so we would keep our private lives just that. In front of peers etc, we would be professional and act just as friends, which of course we were already best friends.

After finishing college, we both chose to carry on studying film at the same University (I picked it first, as again I didn't want to pick a University based on my relationship). When we went to the first Freshers event, it was really nice to have my best friend by my side. I didn't feel so alone knowing that we were entering the next chapter of our lives together. Neither of us were in halls so it was hard trying to make friends at first, as classes hadn't started yet. It was nice that we both understood the stress of university and our workload.

After a gruelling three years, we managed to make it through the other side of university and GRADUATED. We both got the grades we wanted, which was so good. We worked on a few projects together and teamed up to conquer our final film together. The whole graduation day was a weird experience, but it was so lovely that both of our families could enjoy it together!

My cheeky boyfriend and my lovely friends pulled off a lovely 22nd birthday for me. They surprised me with all of my favourite things, and they made me feel so special (insert emoji with love heart eyes). After graduating it was so nice to be able to give each other our un-divided attention. But, what does Connor decide to do? Go and do a Masters in Film. WHY?! He's a mad man. However, as his supportive girlfriend I've listened to his ideas, and tried to coach him through it (I've no idea if I'm any good but my point is that I try ok?). He's still completing it now, and I try and help in any way I can!

Now, you're pretty caught up on the last eight years. This year we have a lot of plans, we've already had a little trip up to Cardiff to see Paramore (WHO WERE INCREDIBLE.) We're seeing the Foo Fighters again this Summer, and here's hoping to a holiday as well! Also, currently we are both working in the same department but I'm full time and Connor is part time. We seem to follow each other and help one another out, I don't see the problem working together when things are professional. I like that we make a great team.

I did ask for Connor's permission to write a bit more about our relationship on my blog, but I don't think he realised to what extent. If you are reading this Connor (which I hope you do), I just wanted to say a huge thank you for making me fall in love with you at school. You were quite persistent, but you changed my life around for the better. I suddenly had a reason to get up in the mornings, and felt I had more purpose in the world. 

It's been a journey these past eight years, and I look forward to our future together (if I haven't scared you off yet).

In summary we've conquered; Secondary School, College, a Feature Film and University. 

Happy Anniversary to us ❤️

Thursday 25 January 2018

What Does Individual Beauty Mean To Me? | Adorli*

Adorli is a new beauty marketplace for natural, organic and cruelty free make up. This will make it easier to find upcoming brands. As I'm still a relatively new Cruelty Free blogger, I've been looking for a website as helpful as Adorli. "They celebrate the individual beauty and believe natural products made with love and passion can cater to diverse beauty needs across the world. When it's made with love, and it's made for you, it's beauty made simple."

The lovely people behind Adorli want us to embrace individual beauty. What does individual beauty mean and look like to me? 

To me I think it means two things. The first, not being afraid of my flaws, I tend to have quite bad skin and I can't always cover it up as I want to air it. My scars and flaws make me me, they tell a story. 

I have scars on my face from spots, a dog bite and when I fell off my bed when I was younger (because I was jumping on the bed when I shouldn't have been). I have stretch marks across my thighs, hips and stomach. Although the stretch marks are a constant reminder of weight I have gained, I've also become a more curvaceous woman and gradually they will fade. Although I struggle to feel confident in my own skin, I know that I'm not the only one who has the same issues as me. 

I often have days where I don't wear any make up, and most of the time I don't think I look "good". But, beauty is subjective and I see my face every day so I don't notice how pretty I might be. I often rely on the compliments I get from those around me, and that's what makes me feel good in my own skin. I think that feeling good and looking good are two different things. I often go by comfort, I don't like feeling uncomfortable just for the sake of beauty etc.

The second, using make up and beauty products to build on what I already have. I usually have bold eye liner on, as I want to accentuate my eyes (my favourite feature) and I subtly sculpt my face with bronzer and highlighter. I'm not covering up who I am, I'm making myself shine more. I don't think that by wearing make up I try to look like someone else, I just try to look a bit more human (by concealing my tired under eyes).

I'm also a big believer in having pamper days/evenings, sometimes just by staying in and using face masks and painting your nails can be so rewarding. It makes me feel like I'm more put together, and I enjoy trying to look after my body.

Adorli is launching Spring 2018 and they will be stocking lots of organic, vegan and cruelty free brands such as; XO Balm (multi-purpose balm), Luna Kloris (natural luxury face oil), Nudy Cosmetics (cruelty-free matte lipsticks), Maggie Anne Nail Polish (vegan friendly nail polish) and Ezàpè Naturals (100% natural skincare) and there will be many more. When you visit the Adorli website you can sign up with an email to get early access for when it launches!

I'm very excited for the launch and I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on my social media!

Have a look at their social media pages: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information when the website launches.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the launch of Adorli, do you think it's something you'll use, and something we need?

As always,

Love Saffron x

*this is a sponsored post by Adorli, other than information about the company all words and opinions are my own. Images of Adorli were supplied by them, and photographs of me were taken by Connor Cleary.


Monday 1 January 2018

My "Boring" Goals For 2018

Now that I've gotten the big guns out of the way with my more Adventurous Goals, I still wanted to do a more realistic post. I always enjoy looking back during the year to see what I've accomplished. Here's the link to last years one: My Goals For 2017.

1. One Second Everyday

I've been using 1SE for a few months now and I'm really enjoying it (post to come) it's so easy using an app to document my day.

2. Dye My Hair

I've been battling with hair colours for a while now, I know lots of people like my hair the way it is. And I do too. But I'm bored. My hair seems to be losing some of it's shine because of the bleach, and I've had blonde in my hair for about two and a half years, so I want to give it a break.

I recently did some polls between getting a temporary colour (dark brown into purple ombré), or a new permanent colour; a coppery brown. I think everyone really liked the idea of the latter, and I do think I'll be going down this route.

3. Blogging

Of course I'm going to continue blogging, I don't have a set schedule and that suits my lifestyle at the moment. I would love to start working with companies and brands on blog posts, I've been invited to events this year and it's been absolutely amazing. I feel like people are starting to take me serious as a blogger, and I get regular people in real life taking interest in my posts as well.

4. Move Into My Dad's

Up until recently, my Mum's house was my base for the past eight years. My mum very fortunately has moved in with her boyfriend and I didn't want to live with a stranger or on my own. So, next year I am moving in with my Dad. I'm very excited about this, and it will mean I have a bit more control in my life. Rather than travelling between my Mum's, Dad's and my Boyfriends. It'll just be my Dad's and Boyfriend's.

5. Get A Routine

Number 4 and 5 sort of come hand in hand. I need more routine in my life, I'm not fortunate to have an exact routine everyday but I'm going to make one. This would entail morning and evening beauty regimes, as I need to put more effort into my appearance and to look after myself. 

Also, I didn't want to make exercise a massive goal, so I'll tie it in here. I signed up to the gym a while ago and need to stick to going on a regular basis.

6. Spending/Saving

I know I say this every year, but I need to do something about getting some savings together. As a graduate, I now need to start looking seriously at my future. Spending comes into play here because I do have a spending problem that has diminished any chance of some £££'s in my bank account. 

I've been using this artificial intelligence called Cleo. Which I communicate with through Facebook Messenger. It can be a bit naggy, and sometimes it's easier to ignore them. But, when you use them to their fullest they can be very insightful! You can sign up with them here.*

7. Get Another Piercing 

This was on my 2015 goals back in the day. I had been using clip on ear cuffs on the tops of my right ear and decided that I liked it and wanted a piercing there. I've been putting it off because of my anxiety issues, but I've conquered a lot of my issues with needles over the past few years so I might be ready.

8. TV/Film Experience

I don't want to be too advantageous and say that I want a job in TV/Film. So I thought that it'd be a better goal to say I wanted to get more experience. This can be by getting short term contracts (hopefully paid). 

9. Be More Charitable

When I often see people raising money for charities and projects I always try to donate. However, I want to do more. I hope to one day be able to approach a homeless person and start a conversation. Usually when I see them I'm on my way somewhere, but I want to ask what food they might want me to get for them. I've heard so much about not giving them money in case it fuels any addictions, so I love the idea of necessities like food and clothing.

I also try to donate as much unwanted items and clothing to charity shops, but I'd love to donate to food banks and collections as well.

There was a lovely cause this Christmas by Crisis, whereby you donate £26.08 (to reserve one place) and they would be able to take in a homeless person for Christmas. 

10. Learn More

I feel since I've come out of education I'm not learning very much anymore. I want to go out of my way to educate myself on certain software, perhaps another language and about the world we live in.


Well isn't ten a nice little round number! For these goals I don't want to add pressure, but these are things I would like to improve on or achieve next year. 

Let me know if you have any 'smaller' goals for 2018 in the comments.

Have a fabulous year!

Love Saffron x

*by signing up with this link and we will both get £5 for referring you
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