Friday 16 September 2016

2016 Goals Catch Up


This post is all about looking back at the goals I made for myself at the beginning of this year, as I thought it'd be good to remind myself! As I think we all do the same thing, by setting these resolutions and goals and we get a bit over ambitious, and never end up completing them. So I thought I'd see where abouts I've got to, and it might inspire both myself and you reading this, to try and strive and complete said goals.

So above is my little list, and I'd forgotten a lot of these! I will talk you through which one's I have or haven't completed, and one's that I might be in the midst of completing.

1. I've been to a panic group session, which wasn't for me, and I asked for one on one sessions, and then they found out that I had Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I then went on for a further assessment, and finally got onto a course of one on one counselling. I think at first everyone's hesitant about counselling, and I was too. I wasn't sure how talking to someone would help me, and lessen my problems. However, over time I think I have seen a big difference. I still can get quite bad episodes of anxiety, but I feel that I can cope better (sometimes) and I've taken away with me a lot of useful information that hopefully if I stick to it, will help me even more in the future.

I don't think anyone can find the true root of their anxiety, I think I was using the "root" as another excuse, for example: "yeah if I find the root, I can fix it and it'll go away". I've found that I kept getting further and further into different states of denial, but I've started to get over that now.

2. I can proudly say, with loads of bumps in the road, I did overall get a 2:1 for my second year or university! I didn't think I would make it, but luck was on my side and my hard work paid off! Now just to crack on with third year, to make a full 2:1 more of a reality!

3. and 4. Sadly I did not get to go on holibobs this year (as of yet, who knows!) However, I did go to V Festival with my friends, and just spent Bestival with my boyfriend and close friend (although it was a filming job, we still got to go on a boat, so kind of a work holiday?).

5. Technically, I have made two films over the summer, but they weren't my own work, which was what I was intending to do! I wanted to write a script and feel like I had made my own idea. None the less, I still was a part of two films outside of university, so I can't complain!

6. Now I can say I've had a crack at this! Albeit, my vlogs aren't very "vloggy" as in they do lack a lot of talking to camera out and about, but I am working on it, and I've been filming a lot more, so my confidence has improved, and my own voice isn't actually irritating me anymore!

7. Yeah...The savings thing hasn't happened! Shock!

8. Now I've done part one of this! I passed my theory test in early August! Now I'm hoping to pass my driving test for New Year, but I'm yet to get back behind the wheel, so we shall see how that goes!

9. Yeah, no.

10. I don't know quite what to say for this one as of yet, I'd say I have been more a social butterfly at times, and have tried to keep up with seeing friends and family. But, I've also realised how busy life is when you turn into a (kind of) adult! Plus, I think a goal like this one, you can't complete it, you just have to keep that goal open.

So this is what my 2016 goals look like so far!

  • Go to cognitive behavioural therapy to try and find the root of my anxiety
  • Pass my second year of university with at least a 2:1
  • Go on holiday with my boyfriend over the summer
  • Go on holiday with my friends again
  • Make my own short film in my spare time
  • Start vlogging to boost my confidence
  • Actually have a savings that I don't dip into all the time
  • Pass my theory and driving test
  • Get an awesome car with an equally awesome name
  • Make more time for friends and family

All in all, I'm kind of impressed! When thinking about writing this post, I didn't think I had done a lot of my goals, but I've done 4/10, and I've achieved other things this year. Such as: completed and raised £100 for the Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5k, and bagged some work experience at a film studio for later this year! 

I've got so much more to do this year, and I still think that even thought I may, or may not achieve all of these goals. I strongly believe it is healthy to set realistic, or even goals that might be that small stretch away, to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone!

So for those of you that have goals or resolutions that you set yourself in January, have a look back and see if you can  do some of those things you set out to do!

Good luck!

Love Saffron x

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Anna Saccone Necklace Unboxing and Review

For my birthday, I knew I wanted an Anna Saccone necklace. Anna is a YouTuber along with her husband Jonathan Joly, with their two children.

I think I heard about her jewellery through a vlog, or a friend who watches the Saccone Joly's regularly. I immediately fell in love with the design, and the story behind the range.

The pictures above are the packaging the necklace comes in. There's also two really cute cards to find out how Anna decided to create the jewellery range.

I really loved the idea that Anna had a necklace of his, and designed the other star signs from that necklace. I love being a Leo (whatever that means to you) I love lions, and big cats, and for some reason love that it is my star sign. I just thought it was a very pretty piece of jewellery, and I asked my lovely boyfriend if it could be one of my birthday presents!

I chose the silver one, as the rest of my jewellery is silver so I wanted it to match! I really like the quality of the lion piece, and the chain, I've had it since about the 15th August, and I've worn it to bed and to V Festival and it's endured everyday use. I had started taking it off before bed and before showers just in case! 

One issue, is that it gets delivered from America and it took roughly a month to arrive, whereas on the website I believe it said three weeks, but I'm a patient girl!

All in all, I'm really happy with the necklace, with how it's designed and the really cute backstory of it's making.

You can find all of Anna's jewellery line here:

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