Thursday 31 December 2015

What's in my make up bag?

As a Christmas present to myself I bought this "Zoella Lace Collar Purse" from Superdrug for £6.00, I picked this one up as I know everyone has the guinea pig ones and the eye ones. I also have a top that looks exactly like this and the bag is just the right size for the (little) amount of make up I own.

Inside my bag you will find my four essential items: firstly the Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner for  £3.99. The first time I picked this up I was in a hurry to find a cheap eye liner, and little did I know what I had stumbled upon. The most amazing waterproof eyeliner I have ever owned! I didnBa't realise it was waterproof, but it really does what it says on the tin, this bad boy has survived 12hr days, and full on crying sessions! I am so impressed with this product, my only beef is that you can't sharpen it, so once it goes blunt you have to buy a new one.

Next on the right I have Collection Lengthening Mascara Black 1 for £2.99, I don't really have very many eyelashes and they aren't long and they are more defined from my profile, which is useless. Pretty much any mascara works with my lashes, but I do have a soft spot for any Collection mascara as they don't charge an arm and a leg for decent mascara.

Bottom on the left we have Barry M Lip Boss 3- Office Romance for £4.49 I previously had Barry M lipgloss which I loved but I have misplaced [insert sad emoji] so I went straight over to Barry M. I prefer light pink lip glosses, I don't know why I just prefer my lips to look slightly more pink and glossy. The container is a decent size and it lasts forever for me.

I have previously mentioned in another post how much I love my final product. It's only Collection Eye Definer Ebony 1 for the small price of £2.99 it's a total steal, I can be using the same one for up to three months depending on my variation of use and how big I make the wings on my eyes. I don't get along with any other eyeliner, I've tried felt tip liners and Collection must've known I was cheating as I could not get the same effect I wanted with the felt pens. Look out for a tutorial in the near future on how I do my eyeliner, it took me a few months and hundreds of tutorials to get it right! Eyeliner is the only make up related thing I am actually good at!

Now you've seen what's in my make up bag!

All products are from Superdrug and prices were correct as of 30th December 2015.

Saffron x

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