Wednesday 30 December 2015

Post Christmas Haul


For Christmas I received far too many gift cards from my loved ones, and after noticing that I had around £75 worth of New Look gift cards, I thought I would face the Christmas/New Year sales.

I also wanted to go to Top Shop as I have a number of jumpers and shirts on my wish list that I really love.

Top Shop

                              Jumper- £26

I'm a huge lover of jumpers, and I got this in the next size up for extra bagginess (and incase of shrinkage) I love the sectioning of black to white, I also like Top Shop's jumper with the addition of orange in a similar style. As I don't own anything orange, I liked the idea of incorporating it in with my wardrobe.

New Look

PJ Top- £3.00
PJ Bottoms- £7.00
Socks- Three for £4
Sports Bra- £9.99
Black Leggings- £14.99

I'm a regular at all the New Look stores in my area, I love the discount I can get as a student, and the limited 25% off you can sometimes get. I also love the socks and the multi buy deal, as I always need new socks, and especially pug ones. There wasn't too much left in the sale for my taste and size, but I managed to bag a cute new PJ set! The checked bottoms are super soft and fluffy, and the top isn't supposed to go with the bottoms (as the writing is pink and the bottoms are a blue check) but they are pyjamas and I opt for comfort these days with my jammas.

I bought a new sports bra to hopefully nudge me to go running, as that's one of my promises to myself in the New Year! And I'm forever losing my clothes at the minute, so I now own three pairs of the same black leggings with silver zips on the sides, but they last and they are so comfy!

Side Note: I got these cheaper through using my NUS Extra card, if you are a student I would 100% recommend as some stores only accept NUS and not your college/university card, depending on the store you can get around 10%.

In total I saved £10.99 which is not including the sale prices!

Saffron x

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