Sunday 31 December 2017

My 2017 Favourites

This is my first ever favourites post, I'm very excited to show you guys what I've been loving this year! 

It's also noted that these are cruelty free brands.

Make Up

I haven't used many foundations in my life, but when I came across Barry M's I fell in love with how smooth it was, and how easy it was to apply. I also love how when you're using up the product, it pushes it up to the top. In the picture above you can see this frosted part behind where it says 'Barry M' as you use up the product the frosted bit gets larger. This makes it super easy to use up all of the foundation, and I love it!

As I had chosen Barry M for my foundation, I thought that having the same brand concealer would be a good choice. Again, it's easy to apply and I feel it does the job at covering my tired under eyes and blemishes.

You can start to see a pattern here with my make up...I had zero highlighting experience when I picked this up. I love that you can just roll on the cream and then blend it in with a brush (at least that's how I do it) it makes it so easy.

When I kept seeing people go on and on about Kylie Jenner's lip kits, I wanted to find my own affordable dupe. I came across Barry M's, and they have lots of shades and even a metallic range. But, I keep reaching for the Matte Lip Kit. I find that it's simple to apply, and is long lasting.

I am a huge lover of Barry M's nail varnishes, the majority of my varnish collection is Barry M. I've only recently discovered the Liquid Chrome range, and I love it. It has a lovely shine to it with a silvery pink tone, and it dries like a dream.

Barry M Eye Define Liquid Eye Liner

I am so happy with the eye liner that Barry M have produced. It took me a while to find a suitable cruelty free replacement from my previous liner. But I was a bit forced to make the leap a bit sooner than planned, when the previous brand didn't make that liner anymore. And I needed on the morning of my Graduation as it'd run out. I was livid. As I was so happy with the rest of Barry M's make up range I thought I'd give their liner a go.

Admittedly, it took me awhile to get used to the shape of the brush as it was a bit smaller than my previous one. I'm honestly not a fan of the really long pen type eye liners, I just struggle so much to apply the liner.

I believe I own two of these liners and they've lasted me months, this isn't with every day use but I'm impressed with how much liquid liner you can get out of one of these.

The Body Shop Eye Colour Stick - Nevada 

I came across these Eye Colour Sticks browsing a TBS store and thought all of my eye shadow prayers had been answered. I'm not that experienced in eye shadow, so I was happy to see an easy to apply eye shadow stick. There's a whole range of colours, and this one has a subtle glitter to it which is lovely paired with my dramatic eye liner flick. You can also twist the stick to produce more product.

Skin Care

Superdrug often have a three for two offer on their face masks, which makes it easy to experiment with different types. This one was so lovely to apply, it smells gorgeous and it was a little bizarre when my face started to warm up, but it left my skin feeling amazing.

I picked this up out of curiosity earlier this year, and it became a god send when I had a horrible period of dry skin on my face. It comes out as a white colour but it becomes transparent, and soaks into your skin. I usually put a fair amount on before I would go to bed and let it do it's thing.

Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment 

This year I've started to venture into Lush's other departments. I tend to have quite problematic skin, so thought this would be worth a try. I absolutely love it. Again, I tend to use this before I go to bed or if I'm having an indoors day. I find that the gel type product dries out and you can either use water to smooth it, or kind of peel it off. So it's not a good look when you turn up for work.

But, I do find that it helps calm down horrendous spots, and helps get rid of them quickly.


I only recently got given some of TBS bath products for Christmas (I did get to see them in action at the VIP Body Shop Christmas Event). I had just un-wrapped my presents, and fancied a bath. Admittedly, I didn't read that this one was to be held under running water, so I had already chucked it straight into my bath.

When I saw that it wasn't bubbling I immediately pulled it out and thought I was a right idiot for not reading the packaging. I didn't have to use much of the product to turn my bath blue with bubbles, so I've got plenty left over for another bath or two!

This summer TBS released this amazing range with citrusy scents. At the time I really needed a scrub, and picked it up. Little did I know that this was just a limited range and it's not available to buy anymore. I hope they decide to bring it back for 2018, as this is my favourite scent! It's also isn't harsh on my skin as it was a gel scrub, which is good as I can have quite sensitive skin.

When I saw the new Christmas range, I knew I had to go to my nearest store and immediately sniff them all. The Vanilla Chai scent was right up my street, aside from citrus scents, vanilla is my favourite as well. This scent is like a spiced vanilla so it smells very Christmassy. The scrub is amazing, you don't have to use much at a time as it's quite thick so you don't waste any product. I'm sure I have the whole range of Vanilla Chai now and I couldn't be happier!


For my birthday this year my lovely friends (that's you, Charis and Lily if you're reading this), made me a cruelty free pamper box. Inside it was a Banana scented shampoo and conditioner. I wasn't sure about the scent at first, but it smells like those foam bananas you can get from sweet shops. And I love it. I love the thick consistency as I'm usually used to slightly runnier shampoos.

Same as above. 

I've been using hair products differently recently. As these products are thick in consistency it means I can portion off bits of product at a time to evenly cover my hair without it slipping through my fingers and onto the shower floor.


Even though it's been about a year and a half since the release of the Sweet Inspirations range, I'm still hooked on the vanillary/macaroon scent. I didn't think I'd like a sweet scent, but Zoella's range turned me! I love the bath products from this as well, and recently topped up my collection with the Bath Latte and the Sugar Dip.

I don't tend to use body sprays very much, I usually just stick to deodorant and perfume. Then I came across Body Fantasies in Superdrug and loved this scent. It's very affordable and is a good size to fit in my hand bag.


I have probably forgotten a few things over the year that I absolutely loved, but these were the main things that stood out from the rest. I'm hoping to get more bath and beauty reviews on my blog in 2018, as it was something I used to post about originally back in 2015!

Let me know what your favourite things were in 2017 in the comments!

Love Saffron x


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