Wednesday 6 December 2017

Christmas Pinterest Ideas | 12 Days of Blogmas

I've noticed a few people asking out over Twitter for thoughtful and non-bank breaking ideas for their loved ones.

One of my favourite places to look is Pinterest.

If you haven't ever checked it out, it's basically a digital mood board for all the things you like and want to try.

Especially around this time of year when there's lots of people to buy for and you're not quite sure what to get or how much you'll have to spend on presents. I love to look at the do it yourself gifts, they usually don't cost much but are full of thought.

Here are my personal faves!

Paw Print Ornament

This is such a great idea if anyone has a pet, or multiple pets!

I love ideas like this, they are so simple but effective. AND you can make it however you want and add your own flare. Personally, I'm one of those people who never have enough mugs, and if I were to get a personalised one I would probably shed a tear of joy!

Music Lyric Plate

I'm not sure how I have never come across this before. It's so cute that you can customise plates and things with a signature song or just write some lovely thoughts that someone is going to see everyday!

I have seen this for a while and I've always wanted to do it, you can also use this method on lots of other object as well, not just mugs. There's even one with baubles!

I love this idea, you can get the letters from lots of affordable shops, I love going to Hobby Craft for creative things. Aside from Christmas presents this would be nice to do for milestone birthdays or wedding anniversary presents for example a wooden "21" with photos from their celebrations.

I think this is great for those who you know who have a favourite drink or cocktail, and for a present you give them everything they need for one drink. You could probably also do non-alcoholic ones, and even coffee or hot chocolate (not as a liquid but all you'd need it hot water or milk).

These were some of my personal favourite affordable Pinterest ideas, but there are so many for you to explore!

I'll leave my Pinterest link here if you want to explore my other pins.

Love Saffron x


  1. I absolutely love Pinterest, especially for DIY gift ideas. I'm loving all the ones you've chosen for this :)

    KJ //

    1. Aww thank you! I sometimes spend whole days going through Pinterest and organizing my boards!

      Saffron x


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