Friday 3 February 2017

Mini Coconut Lane Haul

Coconut Lane has been on my "watch" list for a while now (basically just a mental list of places/websites I like to check out and have a mooch around). When payday approached I knew I wanted to treat myself to a few things, as their whole range is really affordable.

I got these two notebooks: Black Marble Notebook and Blog Notebook I love the variety of products referencing today's culture, and of course all of the blogging merchandise!

I am one of these people that when they get a pretty notebook, I feel like I can't tarnish it by writing in it in case I mess it up. But, I think I'll write down my blogging ideas in the "BLOG INSTA COFFEE REPEAT" notebook, plus they both look amazing for flat lays.

Here's the Girl Boss Coaster I've been obsessed with the whole idea of a 'girl boss', it's something that inspires me to be successful to deem myself as a girl boss one day. I picked this coaster as I knew I needed to have it on my desk to motivate me through university work!

Lastly, when I saw this Infinity Bracelet I had to have it, I am obsessed with the infinity symbol, ever since I watched Revenge on E4 I've become infatuated. I even have a ring that I wear every day with the symbol. It also reminds me of one I bought when I was on holiday in Turkey over a year ago, it comes in three different colours: Black, Tan and Blue.

I was so impressed with the delivery time, I ordered these items on Tuesday with standard delivery and they arrived through my letterbox Thursday morning. Plus they came in a really cute pink envelope!

If you want to buy some Coconut Lane products feel free to use this discount code: saffron20 you'll get 20% off your total and the code doesn't expire, you're welcome!

I definitely might have to browse some more of Coconut Lane's products...


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