Sunday 29 January 2017

My Questions For 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

*Disclaimer: There will be spoilers in this post, if you haven't watched the original series or the revival and don't want spoilers don't read any further.

Hello there,

I'm expecting that most die hard fans have seen the new series now! Gilmore Girls has been quite a huge part of my teenage life since I discovered it on E4. I loved how fast they talked (as people tell me I talk too fast) and how witty the dialogue was, and the references they used. I'm also sure this is where my addiction to coffee began...

When the original series ended I was heartbroken, as I felt there wasn't a resolved ending. When the four part series A Year in the Life was advertised, I thought all of my previous questions would've been answered:

What happens with Luke and Lorelei?
Will Rory get married?
Will Rory and Logan get back together? 

When the opening titles of A Year in the Life began, with sound bites from old episodes I was giddy with joy.

I loved how modern the filmmaking was, the first episode felt like a hug to the original series, the fast talking, wit and references, even the dialogue nodded to how long it'd been. It showed how easily the cast can still slip in to their roles again.

And, of course the homage to Richard Gilmore (Edward Herrman who passed away in 2014) I did tear up quite a bit!

It was great to see that not much had changed in terms of Stars Hollow and the characters themselves. The fact that Lorelei and Luke still can't communicate to each other about things in their relationship. I wanted to see more of all of the characters, I didn't even recognise Miss Patty! I thought maybe she had died and they cast someone in her place, but she actually had a huge weight loss! I wanted to see more of Lane and April, but there was a lot to cover in each of the episodes so I might let them off...

Here are my new unanswered questions:

1. Who's the dad to Rory's baby? 
We were left with this bombshell in the finale, and there could be five possibilities (Logan, Jess, Paul, the Wookie - but we don't know who this could be, or I saw someone on Twitter mention that Rory could be a surrogate to get money, I don't hold my hopes on the last one, but it's still a possibility) This must mean we'll get another series right? I don't know how long I can wait for more!

2. Will Paris and Doyle get back together?
I loved their relationship, and I hope they get back together as they are both so nutty (the town house with the stairs that kept making nannies leave was hilarious)

3. Will Emily make it to the wedding on time?
Towards the end of the last episode, Luke and Lorelei get married before their wedding, and we see Emily blissfully enjoying her new abode...this is nice and all, but will she attend their actual wedding??

Also I love how sassy she gets after Richard passes away, I have a new found love for Emily, and I want to see her like this always!

4. Can Luke swim now?
I know he had some swimming lessons and dated April's swim coach, but we never saw him properly swim. But, he was the life guard to the outside swimming pool? How?

5. Will Sookie come back to the Dragonfly?
I may have been more upset than Lorelei that Sookie wasn't working at the Dragonfly (might be because Mellisa McCarthy is super busy right now, but still that's not an excuse missy!) I was hoping she'd come back, after all the Dragonfly was both of their dreams.

6. Will Rory get a job in the field she wants?
I loved how relatable Rory was, she's a college graduate (a smart cookie), left home for work, but then has to come back home. This is a brutal truth of life after your degree, it's never guaranteed to give you a job straight out, and I really related to Rory having to move back home, as I'm finishing my degree this Summer. But, will she get that big permanent break?

7. Why can't Rory and Logan be together??
I loved their relationship in the original series, and it made me sad that they seemed nothing more than friends with benefits. They originally broke up when Logan proposed and wanted them both to move to San Fransisco, but Rory needed to figure her life out (which I thought was stupid, because she could've figured it out in San Fran, but she said she needed time). In the revival, she'd been in and out of London a lot, and Logan's family eventually were ok with their why weren't they together? In the end Logan was my favourite boyfriend of Rory's, they seemed to fit together nicely and they only really broke up because Rory didn't want to make any rash decisions.

I feel like Gilmore Girls has always been more about Lorelei, it's her story of how she left a privileged life to bring up her daughter how she wanted. Throughout the series there has been times where I really haven't liked Rory, especially when she made decisions that impacted her relationship with her mother. I suppose that's because I mostly grew up with just my mum taking care of me and putting me first (which was also coincidentally when I started watching Gilmore Girls).

I feel like Lorelei gets the resolve she wants, she gets married to Luke...FINALLY. Although, there is the matter of children, but personally I don't really mind as they have Rory and April and as long as they are together, I'm happy!

But, at the end of A Year in the Life the tables have turned to Rory, all of the main questions surround her and what's going to happen.

One last comment on the revival, is that I love the scenes where the Life and Death Brigade 'kidnap' Rory, I love the outfits and that this is how Rory and Logan blossomed their relationship. It's possibly one of my favourite scenes from the new series.


I hope I don't have to wait too long to found out what happens next for the Gilmore's, but we waited this long before, just don't keep us waiting guys!

I hope you've enjoyed my little fan rant about Gilmore Girls, let me know what your unanswered questions are, or if you can answer some of mine in the comments!

Love Saffron x

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