Sunday 26 February 2017

My "Day" Job #1

This post will hopefully give you guys a bit of insight to what I do on a daily basis with regards to my university life as a third year. I've mentioned previously I study Film Production at the University of Portsmouth.

I've mainly been a Producer across the majority of my units at university, this means I basically have to organise everything to ensure the project is finished. I assist the director and help bring their vision to life through the logistic side of things, sorting locations, budget, actors, props etc.

It's not an easy role, I do find it rather stressful, but I also can't imagine not being a Producer. When a project finishes and you see the end product you'll get a sense of relief and hopefully you'll be happy that all the hard work has paid off!

If you follow my social media you might have seen me talk about and try to promote my upcoming film; "Burgundy". I'm the Producer (if you hadn't guessed already) so I've been trying to get a bit of a buzz for our film, and also help get some funding as well. It's quite a task to make a good professional film with no budget, we are using professional actors so that costs A LOT. We've tried seeing what we can cut from our film to make it less expensive, but that would make the quality of the film suffer.

As this is our last film at university, we want it to be the best possible film we can make. We are planning to submit the film into film festivals across the UK, Europe and US. This will give Burgundy good exposure and would be an amazing experience to go and see our films on the big screen, and mingle with other professionals.

I live and breathe this film every day, I don't get a day off from trying to organise our shoot days and clearing up any issues. It's really exhausting, but I'm hoping all the work will pay off and that this will be the best film I've made yet! When you have creative projects they kind of feel like your children, that's how I feel with my blog as well. You have to water and feed it everyday to see it grow, and that's the same with filmmaking, you have to work on it more or less everyday.

Here's a little summary of what our film is about: "Sophie is an overworked crime scene investigator who becomes obsessed with the murder of a local young girl. After being forced to take an evening away from work, her boyfriend Peter creates a romantic meal and set the scene for relaxing evening. But everyone has secrets; love, lust and murder.

Two people, one room, an obsessed detective and a murder weapon, who said romance is dead.

I have been planning to write a little blog series about what it's like being a filmmaker and especially being a film student at university. This can give you some insight to a topic you might not know the ins and outs of, but might help current or potential students as well!

Now, I do have a little proposition for you guys. As I've mentioned I'm trying to get money to be able to complete our film. Our lowest reward on Indiegogo is £1 it would help so much if you are able to donate. It's just £1 and you'll get your name credited in our film which will be shown around the world! But, if you also tweet me that you've donated, I will give you a shout out across my Instagram and Twitter social media as a huge thank you for helping us!

We have many other rewards when you donate as well, it'd be great if you could take a look! There's more information about our film and a cheeky video as well. If you can't donate but would like to help our project, if you could share our crowdfunding page, or even this blog post would be a huge help!

I hope you've liked my little introduction so far, if you have any questions you can leave a comment or tweet me @SaffronWatson_ and I'll get back to you, or I'll answer them in my next post!

Now it would be silly if I didn't leave the links to Burgundy's social media (I'd be a bad producer if I didn't).

Burgundy Facebook -
Burgundy Twitter -
Burgundy Instagram -

If you'd like to keep up to date on the film's progress and see some snazzy behind the scenes, please give our pages a 'like' or 'follow' it'd be much appreciated by the whole team! We have some exciting news coming up so keep checking our pages for when we reveal!

Saffron x


  1. It's so funny, I've worked on films (acting side) and still been unclear on exactly what a producer does! So thanks for spelling it out and finally educating me!! This film sounds amazing and I love the shots of the misty woods! So exciting (and a little scary?)to have your final school project. Awesome your submitting to festivals, hope it does brilliantly!

    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche

    1. Yes, sometimes it goes unnoticed what they actually do! I think the big time producers have it a bit more relaxed as they have contacts at their fingertips but I'm having to put all my might into getting the resources we need for a low budget film!

      Thank you so much, it's exciting but nerve racking at the same time!

      Saffron x


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