Wednesday 8 February 2017

Blogging Then | Blogging Now

As I've only recently just got back into blogging (and I'm here to stay this time) I thought I'd do a little post comparing when I first started blogging to blogging now.

My first ever blog post was published on Wednesday 9th June 2010, nearly seven years ago. Golly gosh. Looking back on my old blog is very hard, because I can read how young and naive I was, it's like a really in depth time hop. I would write a post about what happened that day, just silly things really, but I just wanted to write.

I would just post some images from a photography lesson, just because. Even just the theme of my old blog makes me want to barf a little bit, what was I thinking?

Whereas now, I pre-plan all of my posts, I do occasionally just type them out and click publish. But I want more quality to my posts, more thought added than just a few pictures not really explaining anything. I used to post quite personal posts in the sense that I'd post my inner thoughts, and in retrospect I'd rather not let the world know what I was thinking at a certain time! 

I don't mind posting personal subjects that I know might help and educate other people, as I've done this on my current blog and I'm proud of it.

Back then I wasn't aware of a blogging community, I'm not even sure they existed to be fair! I only had two dedicated readers (my cousins) and the only other blogger I was aware of was Fleur De Force. Now there's a whole world full of bloggers and vloggers and it feels a bit cramped, but there's always new people to meet.

I think blogging is a lot harder now, because there's such an expectation of what bloggers should and shouldn't write, and that everyone aims to be as successful as other bloggers. It's hard not to want that success, as we all want someone else's life that's better than our own. I'd rather have my own success, to have built something and put in the hard work myself.

Whether my blog will be successful or not the future will decide, but for now I'm really enjoying what I'm doing. I've already spoken to a lot of amazing bloggers through Twitter chats, and I've become so inspired and humbled by the community.

I'm going to keep up regularly posting, as each time I hit publish I get a rush of happiness!

Let me know your experience with blogging, whether you're new to the blogging world or you've been around from the start!


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