Thursday 25 January 2018

What Does Individual Beauty Mean To Me? | Adorli*

Adorli is a new beauty marketplace for natural, organic and cruelty free make up. This will make it easier to find upcoming brands. As I'm still a relatively new Cruelty Free blogger, I've been looking for a website as helpful as Adorli. "They celebrate the individual beauty and believe natural products made with love and passion can cater to diverse beauty needs across the world. When it's made with love, and it's made for you, it's beauty made simple."

The lovely people behind Adorli want us to embrace individual beauty. What does individual beauty mean and look like to me? 

To me I think it means two things. The first, not being afraid of my flaws, I tend to have quite bad skin and I can't always cover it up as I want to air it. My scars and flaws make me me, they tell a story. 

I have scars on my face from spots, a dog bite and when I fell off my bed when I was younger (because I was jumping on the bed when I shouldn't have been). I have stretch marks across my thighs, hips and stomach. Although the stretch marks are a constant reminder of weight I have gained, I've also become a more curvaceous woman and gradually they will fade. Although I struggle to feel confident in my own skin, I know that I'm not the only one who has the same issues as me. 

I often have days where I don't wear any make up, and most of the time I don't think I look "good". But, beauty is subjective and I see my face every day so I don't notice how pretty I might be. I often rely on the compliments I get from those around me, and that's what makes me feel good in my own skin. I think that feeling good and looking good are two different things. I often go by comfort, I don't like feeling uncomfortable just for the sake of beauty etc.

The second, using make up and beauty products to build on what I already have. I usually have bold eye liner on, as I want to accentuate my eyes (my favourite feature) and I subtly sculpt my face with bronzer and highlighter. I'm not covering up who I am, I'm making myself shine more. I don't think that by wearing make up I try to look like someone else, I just try to look a bit more human (by concealing my tired under eyes).

I'm also a big believer in having pamper days/evenings, sometimes just by staying in and using face masks and painting your nails can be so rewarding. It makes me feel like I'm more put together, and I enjoy trying to look after my body.

Adorli is launching Spring 2018 and they will be stocking lots of organic, vegan and cruelty free brands such as; XO Balm (multi-purpose balm), Luna Kloris (natural luxury face oil), Nudy Cosmetics (cruelty-free matte lipsticks), Maggie Anne Nail Polish (vegan friendly nail polish) and Ezàpè Naturals (100% natural skincare) and there will be many more. When you visit the Adorli website you can sign up with an email to get early access for when it launches!

I'm very excited for the launch and I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on my social media!

Have a look at their social media pages: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information when the website launches.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the launch of Adorli, do you think it's something you'll use, and something we need?

As always,

Love Saffron x

*this is a sponsored post by Adorli, other than information about the company all words and opinions are my own. Images of Adorli were supplied by them, and photographs of me were taken by Connor Cleary.



  1. Love this post! Cannot wait for their launch now

    Ellie xx

  2. Es ist wirklich ein gut recherchierter Inhalt und eine ausgezeichnete Formulierung. Ich habe mich so mit diesem Material beschäftigt, dass ich es kaum erwarten konnte, es zu lesen. Ich bin beeindruckt von Ihrer Arbeit und Ihrem Können. Vielen Dank. Make-up und Beauty-Produkte im Handel in der Schweiz


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