Monday 19 December 2016

Advent Calendars

This year for advent calendars I wanted to step outside the box a little bit, I have never had a beauty calendar before and have always wanted one. So this year I treated myself to two twelve day beauty calendars (unfortunately I couldn't afford the twenty four day ones) and a Lindt calendar as well.

Studio Advent Calendar (£8.00 down from £16.00 Superdrug)

I chose this calender as it was half price in Superdrug, and I've needed some new nail varnishes for a while now! They are minitures, but I love that they are small as they are easier to put in a small make up bag or going out bag if you need to touch up your nail varnish!

These four varnishes were in doors 1 - 4.

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Advent Calendar (£15.00 down from £25.00 Superdrug)

I was so excited to see Tanya Burr's beauty calendar, and even more excited when I saw the affordable price range. Also, a lot of the beauty products are full size! I couldn't believe it, and thought that this is probably one of the better affordable calendars with appropriately sized products inside. My only issue with this calendar was that the doors were quite hard to open, and had to very carefully pull along the perforations otherwise I could've ripped the whole front of the calendar off! (This could just be a picky point from me as I always like to carefully open the doors so I can close them again...)

I've had a crush on the packaging of Tanya's products for a while, especially the lip sticks/lip glosses and the nail varnishes, they just look so pretty.

Lindt Advent Calendar (£4.00 in a two for £8.00 deal in the Lindt store)

I've always been a huge fan of Lindt chocolate, and I seized the opportunity to get one of the advent calendars this year. As you can see on the box, you can get five different styles of Lindt chocolate so you can get something different everyday! I think the thought of that makes me a bit too happy...

Overall I'm really impressed with the calendars I've bought this year, it's really nice having a variety to open from each day, and I will definitely be buying similar calendars next year!

Saffron x


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