Wednesday 7 December 2016


That's right, you read correctly!

I am giving away two signed copies of Zoe Sugg's newest addition to the Girl Online series; Girl Online Going Solo.

I planned to do this when I pre-ordered my signed copy, in case some readers weren't fortunate enough to buy one, I thought I'd host a giveaway. What I hadn't intended was getting two extra copies?! I somehow ended up in total with three signed copies and one unsigned copy. I have no idea what happened! But, I thought I could giveaway two, and have the unsigned one just for reading and the signed copy can look pretty on my shelf!

The giveaway starts right now! It's running up until 31/12/16, so don't forget to enter as soon as you can, enter by following me and retweeting my pinned tweet, good luck!

Love Saffron x


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