Thursday 27 August 2015

Getting Ready For Turkey!

Hello everyone!

It's been a while since my last post-which was supposed to spin off to regular posts...that did not happen. I've re-discovered my brain and my slight sense of creativity to start this again! Woohoo! The partial reason is my impending holiday to TURKEY with my school friends. As it's in two days time, yes TWO DAYS!! I tried on all of my outfits that I have purchased so far (just to make sure they fit and that I am comfortable) and I had the intention of posting some images of my holiday outfits, as I felt really good in all of my swimwear and day wear...but upon looking at the images afterwards they are not the most flattering :(

I wanted to show off my curves and that yes I do have a little chub but I haven't had the time nor willpower to exercise and/or diet this summer as I have been a busy little bee! I have many imperfections, as I named my blog after my flaws. I am on a mission to start accepting myself for who I am, and this post was supposed to be "hey guys look at how imperfect I look, but also how good I feel and how happy I am" however I was unhappy with the images (ironic) but I still wanted to tell you all how I'm doing.

Since my last post I have come a long way with accepting myself, I have accepted my body shape and I loooooove it! I love my curves and it makes me feel real, and fuller (?) All I am after now is a slightly smaller belly, because my food baby is always on show and it just looks horrendous! Just slightly toned, I'm not interested in having abs or anything, just a flatter looking stomach. I would also wish upon the Gods to make my tree chunk thighs thinner/more toned because they rub together like sandpaper whenever I wear tights, or have bare legs and it's really painful. I accept my muscles, and that I will not have super slim legs like the girls in the magazines that look great in a pair of jeans...just crying, don't mind me!

So, from accepting these imperfections it makes me slightly happier and I've stopped analysing myself so much, because I was born this way, and I'm not a lean mean muscle machine that runs on Duracell batteries! But what I want to show to everyone, is no matter what size and what imperfections you have you can look beautiful and happy, and I am going to take lots of photos in Turkey to show you how this self-conscious imperfect girl can actually walk around in public in a bikini and be happy about it!

Saffron x


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