Saturday 28 March 2015

Heat Magazine's "Insta-scam" Logic

I rarely ever pick up these magazines, as I get bored of 'celebrity' dramas, as I only concentrate on my own life, I don't even watch the news, but that's another story for a different day. As I saw this on the shelf I immediately was appalled by what was on the front cover (seen in the images above) I am an avid user of Instagram, so if anyone pulled a stunt like this, they would face my wrath!

Because of course people are going to look different in photos that they take, compared to photos that the paparazzi take (usually to make them look bad in the first place) especially if they have just eaten, which would cause any bloating, if there's different lighting? Oh and yes the fact that you can add filters to photos to try and enhance your look if you want to look more tanned or pale.

I was ashamed, as in this world I would think it plausible that we should encourage people to accept their flaws? The women in this magazine are some what celebrities, but if they have flaws too, I say encourage that! That would make the average women so happy to know that it's not just her, also most of the unflattering photos of women in these gossip mags are deliberately awful photos of which the subject isn't aware of said photo. I have seen many a unflattering photograph of me mid-speech or even just sitting minding my own business-and it is deleted straight away!

I am a recent supporter of being able to show your flaws, as it's just normal, I don't want to make the effort of hiding something that every other girl or woman has! I think it is nice to coat our images in photos or take them at different angles to improve your appearance, as you get a boost in your self confidence, but I will be soon showing the world for what I am. I have an impending holiday in Turkey this Summer and I don't want to think that people are judging me, I want people to be saying how much confidence I have in my own 'imperfect' skin.

I'm sick of bowing my head in embarrassment, it's time to hold it high!

Saffron x

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  1. Yay, Saffron! I've lived 78 years, never met a perfect person yet -- in looks, personality, intelligence or anything you can think of. Figure out what is (are) the best of you in any area of your life and concentrate on that (those). You'll always be better than someone in something. Be the best that you can be and hold your head up high. I think I'm your great aunt or something like that from CA. USA Chris J.


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