Friday 28 August 2015

Holiday Haul!

Today I went out and bought all the last minute necessities for my holiday to Turkey, very exciting stuff! I grabbed quite a few bargains, but it still amounted to a big hole in my bank account, however I wanted to be prepared as this is my first independent holiday with friends.


This was my first stop as I get all of my make up from here and it has fair prices!

Starting from the top left: VO5's Give Me Texture-Rough and Sexy Sea Salt Spray (£2.99) as I want that messy beach hair look with slight waves. Further left along the top of the image: Superdrug's own Detangling Brush (£3.99) as I plan to swim everyday and I have hair that is getting closer to my bum, it's bound to get tangled, as it does in everyday life anyway. Superdrug's Clear PVC Bag (£2.99) to carry my make up and bit and pieces on the plane, which only for the purpose of the image contains Superdrug's own 6 Mini Jaw Clips (£1.99) as I've got ideas for beach hair and want to keep it in place, with the help also of Superdrug's own 30 Hair Grips (£1.39)

Bottom left: I absolutely love Collections Eye Definition Liquid Eyeliner (2.99) it's a good price and lasts for months, I use it for the top of my eye lid all the way into a cat eye flick and it creates a beauty black colour that stays throughout the day and night for when you go out. I also bought Collections Super Size Mascara Fat Lash Mascara (£2.99) I first used this when I got it free in an offer and it creates the perfect size lashes for me and again, a fabulous price! $$ And I got Collections Kohl Eyeliner-Precision Colour 1 Black as I love to top off and close my look by adding the liner directly into my bottom eyelid-Which I have to re-do throughout the day but it's quick and easy so it's no bother really! 

Next I always lose items from my mini manicure sets, so I bought a whole new one for my holiday for £3.99 which has everything I will need! Plus they are a decent size so you can tuck it easily in your bag, but I'll have to put this in my suitcase because of the sharp objects! But once I'm off the plane I can tuck it into my beach bag! My next item is Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco; Extra Penetrating Oil for Dry and Course Hair (£4.66) I recently dip dyed my hair for the summer and for my trip to Turkey, and because the bleach has already made it quite dry and hay-like I needed something to prevent split ends, and the chlorine in the pool might damage it as well, so I need to take care of my hair out there! Now lastly, I bought myself some new disposable Gillete Venus Embrace Sensitive razors (£5.48) as I need to maintain smooth legs if I'm going to be getting them out everyday attempting to get a tan, this packet includes three razors which will last me the seven full days in Turkey. I also have Gillete Satin Care with a Touch of Olay which I brought before holiday shopping, I prefer to use shaving foam on my legs as I feel it prevents any shaving rashes for sensitive skin and with the use of a good razor can keep your legs smoother for longer, you can usually pick it up for around £1.50-£2 something, and again depending on how much you use it can last you a good couple of months! I'll post a picture below of what it looks like from google images:


My main intention for going into Boots was because I love their own body sprays and I wanted a whole new bottle for my trip!

Starting from the left again: Is Boots Extracts Fruity Strawberry Body Spray (£3.50) which is the same price as the far right; Boots Extracts Luscious Vanilla Body Spray, I use the vanilla in my everyday life, so I wanted a change for my holiday fragrance, plus it's  in their 3 for 2 offer, so I got both the sprays and the matching Luscious Vanilla Body Butter (£6.00) all for £9.50. Back to the left is Boots' Smile Travel Toothbrush (£1.69) which folds into itself where it can remain germ free! Then for the germified plane journeys I bought a cute mini Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Gel-Floral and Fruity (£1.00), next to that a tiny Arm and Hammer Advance White toothpaste (£1.25), this is my favourite toothpaste as I love the taste! And lastly, the three travel sized containers were £1.35 each. As everything I bought today was in the 3 for 2 offer this haul came to £13.79 saving me £7.20, now I cannot argue with that!

*Prices subject to change, but were correct as of 28th of August 2015

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