Sunday 9 August 2020

25 Things I've Learned Before Turning 25

Hello it's my birthday! 

The big 25. It's a bit weird to think I'm now the equivalent to a quarter of a century...And also edging ever so closer to 30. I'm trying not to worry about it because life happens. To enjoy the moments that I do have. I thought now is a good a time to do one of these "lessons learned" things. I love reading other people's posts, because we all have different journeys that means we all learn slightly different things. 

Well here's what I've learned so far (and probably missing a few but my memory is awful lol)...

Taken by Connor Cleary

1. You can have different friendships of varying qualities, you don't have to be best friends with everyone.
2. Treat yourself like a plant, you need watering, feeding and sunlight - but also maybe like a dog?
3. You don't need to wash your hair everyday. It's too much effort and is bad for your hair.
4. You are the only one in control of your happiness, don't push that responsibility onto anyone else.
5. When you feel like you're going to explode with anger, take a minute and breathe. Let your rational thoughts have time to surface. You don't have to react to everything right away.
6. There is no set path for life, everyone's is different. So stop comparing.
7. Stop living month to month, prepare for the future.
8. Even though having a skincare routine and moisturising your body is a hassle, it's worth it and you'll feel great afterwards.
9. Only buy one extra of essential items. There's no need to clutter cupboards and drawers.
10. You can really do it if you put your mind to it. JUST DO IT.
11. Take breaks from social media, I promise you no one will even notice that you've gone.
12. Sing and dance your heart out in your car, if you don't make eye contact with anyone it's like no one can see you.
13. There's always another side to a story. 
14. Believe in second chances, but always be careful.
15. SPF moisturiser is a game changer.
16. Always make time for self care, whether that's reading, meditation, exercise or face masks, it will make you feel more human. 
17. Family is important. Make time for your loved ones, get off that couch and go grab a coffee with them.
18. It's ok to say no to social events, sometimes it's best not to force yourself to go out.
19. The fear of missing out (FOMO) is ridiculous, only go somewhere that you really want to go.
20. Laughter is the best medicine, be it if it's from a comedy, funny video or out laughing with friends.
21. To do lists are a lifesaver, and really help you stay on stop of things.
22. If you can do it today, do it. Save tomorrow-you the task, you never know what tomorrow will bring.
23. Actions speak louder than words. There are plenty of nice words to say to people, but if you prove it in actions, it's priceless. 
24. Don't be afraid of ageing, it's a blessing to have the opportunity to grow old.
25. Be humble, sometimes you have to realise there's so much more than you in this world.

I hope you've enjoyed my post, I still have plenty in the works (I know even I'm tired of hearing this from me). I have had a lot of little projects going on so certain things have had to take a break but I will be getting more posts out on a semi-regular basis!

What's on your list of things you've learned? 

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  1. I am not sure I can recall all the things I learned before I was twenty five. They will be quite different to your list besides being a guy I grew up in a very different world to you with different priorities. At first we had rationing and no social media and originally no TV. If you could write legibly you could have pen friends, but my handwriting and spelling never got to the level I could consider doing that. I did not become properly literate until spellcheckers arrived on the scene, some considerable time after I was 25. Being dyslexic before it was known to exist and also severely short sighted, was not a great help with my schooling and I more or less gave up until my eyesight was diagnosed and I started wearing glasses. Up until then I had not realised it was not normal to not see clearly more than a few feet. Glasses were not considered very manly in my childhood and you were more or less identified as a wimp if you had them. A lot of people went around in those years with undiagnosed poor eyesight and it was not until TV took off properly that many people realised or perhaps admitted that they could not see very well.

    1. As a pre-teen boy, I learned how to get free phone calls in a telephone box by tapping the hand rest.
    2. I learned how to develop film and make pictures that were clearer than real life
    3. I discovered that wearing glasses allowed you to see things clearly just like photographs
    4. I discovered that I was considered a geek by most of my class at school but had friends who did not think that mattered
    5. I learned that moving to a new town meant you lost all contact with your old friends, but living by the sea encouraged your relatives to stay.
    6. I discovered that new apprentices just out of school were there to do all the jobs no one else wanted to do.
    7. I discovered what falling hopelessly in love was like.
    8. I then discovered what losing someone you believed you could not live without was like when she chose a career over me.
    9. I discovered that making a protest at work about poor wages got you the sack when you thought all your fellow employees were behind you. They were behind me, but about two miles behind me and going the other way.
    10. I discovered that teaching was the way I wanted to go, after having had to train an apprentice in TV repairs.
    11. I discovered that other countries had history too and it was not like ours
    12. I learned not to trust the press after they published verbatim, without checking, something Alan and I had said to a reporter when we witnessed a fire.
    13. I discovered having a good boss made up a lot for not earning a huge wage.
    14. I learned that whilst happiness is a warm puppy, raising a puppy was a big responsibility and costs a lot in vet bills.
    15. I learned what real bereavement was like when one of my customers dropped dead at my feet and I had to support his wife until help came.
    16. I discovered what being an uncle was like and found I liked it.
    17. I discovered that parents are not infallible and had to keep things going whilst Mum was dangerously ill in hospital and dad was spending most of his time with her there
    18. I learned how to handle a car in icy conditions and control skids.

    Not very philosophical and it all goes to show that I did not learn as much as you seem to have


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