Tuesday 7 January 2020

My Plans for 2020

Happy New Year readers! I know it's a smidge late, but I have a little post for you all about how I want to spend my 2020.

I had written a 2019 goals list in my notes app on my phone, but I guess I was a bit unsure of what I could actually do last year. With the redundancy and financial issues I felt a bit limited. I was a bit over ambitious with jobs and writing in those goals. The only things I'd say I had accomplished from that list was my "size" for Connor's uncle's wedding in August (which I felt so glam for), and eventually towards the end of the year made more progress with getting out of debt.

This years list I feel is more of a follow on from what I've already achieved, and maybe to push the boat out and try more things. Especially, now that I may have a bit more time on my hands as I won't have to completely work my socks off to be in a better financial situation.


If you've been following my social media, you'll have seen that in May I started the Couch to 5k app to ease me back into running. I used to love running when I was at school and would enter into a lot of the races at sports day - although I enjoyed it, I wouldn't say I was that good because I wouldn't train that much and had an unhealthy mindset. Using the app was just a godsend, I'm planning to do more of an in depth post about my fitness and the tools I used to help me soon - let me know if you would be interested in reading about this! As well as running and gym sessions I had very active jobs last year which has helped my weight shift and show a bit more of a figure which I didn't know existed beneath the extra pounds.

On to this year, I'm going to keep running 5k's and get my time back down until I start upping the distance. I'd love to do the Race for Life for real this year, whether it's the 5k/10k I think it'll be good to get involved in a proper run, I also want to achieve The Great South Run. My Dad is a veteran of this run and it'd mean the world to me to train alongside him and both be in the same race. If I stay on track I have plenty of time to get up to running 10 miles.

I don't really have a set weight or dress size that I want to be, from the weight loss already I feel so much more me and more confident in my skin. I want to keep up this mindset and just become more toned and powerful, there's nothing like the feeling of lifting a heavier weight or running even faster and feeling the strength in your body.


In 2018 and the beginning of 2019 I really got back into reading, and having the Kindle app on my phone helped me read wherever I was. With being so busy with work and exercise already I dropped the ball on keeping up with it. I think a reading goal is a bit too much pressure, so my plan is to make a short list of books I want to read first and set aside time each week to have a reading session and see how I get on. I love the escapism of reading, and I feel that I have so much to explore in the literary world. I'd love some recommendations of books you've loved reading, I'm not fussy on genre!


As you may have seen, I haven't published much on here in the last year. I believe it's been my quietest year...she admits shamefully. I have lots of ideas and plans for posts on here and writing off of the internet and potentially into book form. My blog is my space, my corner of the interwebs to write whatever I want. I like the lack of pressure on here, although I'd love to be commissioned for collaborations and perhaps look into monetising my blog, as it wouldn't hurt to earn a few more pennies on the side! However, I am looking into pitching ideas to magazines both online and print which would just make my life.


Yes, yes everyone always talks about money in these things. BUT and a big but at that, I made so much progress last year and have firm dates to be completely debt free and I actually have faith in myself this time. Plus, I want to stay that way. I will get rid of my planned overdraft when the time is right to get rid of temptation and make sure I check my finances on a regular basis. Being that this year I will be 25 in August (a very adult looking age) I don't have much to show for the life I've lived. I don't really have a career and no home of my own. Whilst I've picked a rather tricky industry to get into I will keep at it. With the house side of things; once I'm out of debt I'm going to start up a Lifetime ISA to help buy a house. I know I sound so grown up! We will probably have to save up for a couple of years to achieve this but as it's my next priority I will try and really grow that pot of money.

Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

For most of my life my bedrooms have been somewhat messy, untidy and unorganised (sorry Mum). In the past year I have tried to make my drawers and wardrobe more organised rather than just shoving things into drawers, but the tops of drawers and sides are still looking rather messy and it's just an eye sore. I want to really work at being more minimalist and only buy things I need or have actually run out of, rather than bulk buying and more or less hoarding. It's not a healthy lifestyle.

Plan Plan Plan

I already have a few exciting things planned this year, but the severe lack of things I had planned last year definitely contributed to me feeling depressed. Usually each year I'll start to pencil or book things in and then pop them on a countdown app. I find this really helps when each year passes. This also involves planning my money to be comfortable to pay for or have spending money for these plans.

I'd like to think this is a fairly simple guide to how I'd want my 2020 to turn out, yet it's still a big question mark. I am very excited to see what this year holds, especially after a relatively tough one last year.

Do you have any goals or plans for 2020?


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  2. Nice change to read something on the Internet that is written in proper English and spelled correctly. It gives what you have written more credibility. Being a poor speller due to severe dyslexia, I have always struggled with this and have to proof read everything I write about six times and even then mistakes creep in, so seeing someone of the second texting generation able to write well is worth noting. On the subject of good books, I was once given a list of 100 books to read which I did not, but I did read a number of books I would otherwise have ignored and found them really worth reading. I will send you a list of the ones I found I liked separately.

    1. Thank you Pete for your comment! I have actually recently been worrying about the effects of social media and predictive text, and how it might be affecting my writing. Your comment has really reassured me and I'm so grateful for that. Also, thank you for the reading list!

      Many many thanks,


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