Monday 20 August 2018

Brushbox Review

I've always been that person that forgets to top up on toothpaste, or change their brush regularly for hygiene reasons, who can remember when they started using that toothbrush?  I read a post by my friend Sophie about Brushbox and I was convinced that a subscription box would change my life for the better!

You can build your subscription box to suit your needs. Starting from £3.50 a month, but you pay every two months, as your box contains two months worth of supplies which would make it £6.00 every two months.

You can get boxes from one to four people, I decided to get a box for two so my boyfriend and I always have our supplies as we usually end up having to wrestle with the tube of toothpaste when we've got to the bottom of it until the end of time. You can choose between having adults or children in the subscription which would be useful for families.

There are three variations of the toothbrush; Pure, Smooth Bamboo and Curved Bamboo and these come in different colours randomly selected with your order. It's noted that if you're looking for a handy subscription box that is more eco-friendly, the bamboo toothbrushes can be decomposed in compost (with the bristles removed), and the pure ones can go straight in the recycling!

I chose the Smooth Bamboo (an extra 50p each) as I've started to be more eco-friendly conscious and was curious as to the feel and effect of an eco-friendly toothbrush as I've always had plastic. You can also add on dental floss and a tongue cleaner to your order, but I opted for just the brushes and paste for now.

My subscription contains two Smooth Bamboo toothbrushes and four tubes of toothpaste (two tubes per adult) which costs £13.98 every two months (there's no extra delivery charge to get it straight to your door - very handy!).

My Brushbox was a surprise to my boyfriend, but he was actually really into trying the bamboo brushes! I've been using these for a couple of months now and I love them. The brush is nice and smooth, and the bristles are softer, which is good for me as I can have quite sensitive gums. The toothpaste comes in little one-month use tubes as a blue paste with an adequate minty taste, I'm not a fan of overbearing minty toothpaste.

I was really happy that the majority of the box and packaging is recyclable, except the toothpaste tube I believe.

For every box purchased Brushbox donate products to those in need across the world, so by us keeping up on our tooth cleanliness we can help give others the materials needed for healthy teeth.

You can sign up to get 50% off your first Brushbox here*, and if you only want to try out one box you can cancel at any time but I guarantee you'll love the luxury of having your toothy essentials delivered to your door!

I really love the products in this box, and I can't imagine going to a supermarket or drugstore again to purchase my dental goodies! Plus there's the bonus of knowing that this is a more environmentally friendly way of keeping up with dental hygiene!

I hope you liked my post, I know I haven't been posting much - or if I have it's been mainly mental health related! But I've got lots more blog posts in the pipeline, so keep an eye out!

Love Saffron x

*Disclaimer: by using this link to purchase your Brushbox I will receive 50% of your order total for referring you to their service.



  1. This is so interesting babe! Thank you for sharing :)
    xo Leros | AboutEos

  2. How much did they pay you for the review?

    1. I did not get paid to write this, it's all my own opinions. If this was sponsored content I would've clearly stated it in the post. I did add in a link where if you purchase a box through my link I can make some commission which I've stated at the end of the post. I've paid for all of the subscription boxes, and I've been signed up for several months.


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