Saturday 31 March 2018

Seven Thoughts on The Greatest Showman

*Disclaimer ~ There won't be any spoilers in this post.

I hadn't actually seen a lot of the publicity for The Greatest Showman, or a lot of trailers (I always find trailers give too much away these days - but this is an issue for another day). It sounds a bit stupid, but I didn't really know it was going to be a proper musical, which isn't an issue for me as I LOVE musicals. I had heard some of the songs from the soundtrack previously, and loved them - but I just thought maybe it was a background song...

Anyways, I really wanted to see this film but I didn't know anyone who wanted to go. On my bucket list, I wrote that I wanted to go to the cinema by myself. I thought what better time to go and see The Greatest Showman?

- Love the casting, except the actress for Queen Victoria I just didn't think she suited it - sorry. Zac Efron has been a celebrity crush for most of my teenage years and adulthood, Zendaya is just a beautiful human being and everyone loves Hugh Jackman.

- I had goosebumps for most of the film, I felt like I was watching a real time musical in a theatre. If you've gone to a theatre before I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about? You feel elevated and joyous throughout the performance and leave the show with a stupidly big smile on your face. The Greatest Showman did that for me.

- I love the diversity of the casting, and the fact that the film tries to address the issues in society with regards to people just being different from the norm, or having a different skin colour. I think they did a really good job at representing this and giving it a family feel with the characters supporting each other.

Keala Settle is absolutely incredible, she needs all of the credit
- Throughout watching TGS I kept wondering if it was based on true events, when I got home I started doing some research. P.T Barnum was a real person, and did create the first circus. He found people from all kinds of backgrounds either with talents or with distinguished looks. But he was very cruel to his performers and animals. Apparently he locked one of the performers in a cage with monkeys. There's a few points in the film where you see elephants and I was concerned if they were real, but they were all CGI ~ it didn't address animal cruelty in the circus in the film, but it's still an important issue today.

- The film is a very abstract representation of the real P.T Barnum, they've taken the core story and turned it into a positive family friendly musical. They pose Barnum as a man who's come from an under privileged background who wants to make a name for himself, and be successful for his family. He creates the greatest show on earth. Finds people who have been shunned by society, they become a family, stick up for each other whilst having careers and a home.

- The soundtrack is incredible. I didn't think too much of 'This Is Me' before I saw the film, once I'd seen it the song had a whole new meaning to me. I saw TGS early February and I listen to the soundtrack at least two to three times a week.

- The Greatest Showman came out in cinemas in the UK on Boxing Day 2017. It's still having regular showings now (at least they are in my local Cineworld). I'm certain that show's it's success and popularity, I've heard some people have gone back to watch it again and again! I'd love to see it again soon if I can. When it gets released on DVD I will be sure to watch it on repeat.

My lovely blogger friend Sophie has an amazing in depth post about 
The Greatest Showman, I loved reading it as it's so insightful into the real P.T Barnum.

I hope you enjoyed my little thoughts post on The Greatest Showman, as previously mentioned the film is still screening here in the UK. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend that you do! I had such an enjoyable experience and I love anything that can distract me and cheer me up from the daily grind.

Let me know your thoughts below!

Love Saffron x


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