Sunday 18 March 2018

Becoming a Bunny Blogger | Body Shop VIP Event

I was so happy to see that The Body Shop in Chichester were hosting another Blogger event! I absolutely loved the last one (you can read about the event here, and my haul here).

Since the last event The Body Shop has the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny logo rolling out across it's products. This is very exciting to see, as the Leaping Bunny is the only internationally recognised logo for cruelty free products. There are other campaigns to ban animal testing but only certain logos are legitimate.

The lovely staff at TBS asked us to share our posts and photos as #BunnyBloggers. Of which I'm beyond happy to tag my posts etc, as I'm really passionate about cruelty free beauty and other everyday products.

When we arrived we had a choice of soft drinks or prosecco, we were able to have a nose at any new products and items in the sale (almost everything is in the sale, you should check it out here). After all the bloggers arrived the lovely staff at Chichester introduce themselves AND the staff from Wagamama's who were feeding us tasty vegan treats! They then took turns to talk us through new products and try a few ourselves, and told us more information about all of the good work that The Body Shop are doing.

Over half of their products are now vegan, the one's that aren't are those that contain by products of animals or insects, such as beeswax and shellac. All of their products are vegetarian.

They are trying to get 8 MILLION signatures to stop animal testing. So far they have over 4 million, but they need 4 million more by this summer! Please have a look at The Body Shop website there's so much information on the ban against animal testing. Apparently for one ingredient to be "tested" 1,400 animals are used. Even if there were no side effects for that animal it gets put down. This is for just ONE INGREDIENT. Not per product. Think about that for a bit.

Now onto the fun stuff!

These are some of the products I loved the look or smell of:

These hand sanitisers smell amazing and come in cute sizes which make them easy to carry around when you need them.

I spotted some body butters that were new to me, the Honeymania and Piñita Colada ones smelled incredible!

I love shiny things, and I saw three shiny lip liquids. There's this stunning pink/purple one, a yellow one and I think there was a darker one as well. Unfortunately I can't find these on the website but have a look in a store near you! They are a sort of holographic unicorn range, and I love it.

I was not aware you could get body butters in pots this big! When I run out of my current body butter/moisturiser collection I'm going to pick up some of these bad boys!

My lovely vegan blogger friend Sophie and I promoting Forever Against Animal Testing
When your friend makes you laugh because she knows you want as many blog photos
Me and my amazing friend Lily
Me and James the Duty Manager of the Chichester store, who's a superstar by the way
Lots of selfie-able content, I'm making a collection of TBS staff selfies 😂 This is with Max and he knows the rules of how to take a selfie!

At the last event there were lots of games to win prizes (and if you know me you'll know I love winning). They brought back the elusive Hook A Duck, of which you are blind folded and have to hook a duck which has to be an odd number to win. You have to rely on the staff and your friends to guide you as it's actually really hard! Shout out to my friend Lily and Kensey (TBS staff member with flawless make up) for helping me win Vitamin E moisture cream!

I love The Body Shop events, there's so much thought gone into each one and the staff are just so amazing and friendly. I'm going to do a separate blog post on my swag I bought from the event soon, so keep an eye out for that post!

Also a huge shout out to James for inviting all of us to the event and looking after us so well, thank you so much! I look forward to the next one. It's always lovely to see my fellow internet friends Mike and Charlie, and some new faces as well.

Let me know your favourite TBS products or what you've got your eye on in the comments below!

Love Saffron x


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