Thursday 15 February 2018

24 Hours in Cardiff | Paramore Tour 3

Connor and I were lucky enough to grab two Paramore tickets for #Tour3, unfortunately I couldn't get London tickets (something was wrong with the link) so I panic bought the tickets for Cardiff. Which wasn't a bad idea, I had never been to Cardiff before so it was a good excuse to have a little trip up there!

We drove up about midday, we wanted to try and miss all of the traffic going up there. Our form of entertainment was Harmontown podcasts (from the writer of Community and Rick and Morty) and our poison was machine Costa coffees.

When we arrived we briefly settled in our hotel (Radisson Blu Hotel) it was practically across the street from the Motorpoint Arena. As we had standing tickets we wanted to try and queue fairly early. There was already quite a substantial queue so we began making our way around the early Paramore fans...then we met with the end of both queues. It turns out there was two queues (for some strange reason) and we had to choose which one to hop into. It was rather hilarious and made for some funny small talk with other gig-goers.

~ lol at the guy who photo-bombed us ~
The venue itself wasn't all that big, and there were barely any seats. We positioned ourselves near the front of the stage to the side, as it was getting quite full in the middle of the arena. We had plenty of time to grab some merchandise before the support act, as it's always hectic trying to get some after the show.

The support act were a band called 'Me Without You', and I got to say I wasn't expecting their sound to have been chosen for a Paramore gig. Personally, it wasn't my kind of music but I tried to listen and respect them. It just didn't seem like they picked one genre they wanted to do. Also, the lead singer was a bit weird with his stage presence, and gradually took off layers throughout the set.

Then it was time.

I was about to see Paramore. Hayley. Frickin'. Williams. Was going to be in front of me. I have been listening to their music for around TEN YEARS. I love how their sound has changed and developed over time, I love how dynamic Hayley's voice is, I just can't even fathom hitting some of the notes she produces. I've also had a HUGE girl crush on Hayley, she's just a beautiful human being.

I enjoyed their set so much that I barely took any photos or videos, I just wanted to actually be there in the moment. I can't remember another gig where I had sung and danced so much! I had ten years worth of energy saved up for this. The only thing was that there were some classic older songs that weren't included in the set list, and it did feel al bit short. I would've loved to have listened to; Decode, Misguided Ghosts, Only Exception, Now live. Just some of my personal faves.

Aside from not playing all of the songs I was after, I really loved the gig and definitely recommend you go and see them! I loved their stage presence, and Hayley has so much energy I'm not sure she's actually human.

I would not have forgiven myself if I didn't get the bright mustard fake happy hat. I'm in love with it. I absolutely loved teaming it up with my brand new Paramore band tee, old school Levi's jacket and fake vans.

The next day we went to explore Cardiff town centre, and stopped for lunch at Ed's Easy Diner. I've always been obsessed with diner decor and wish there had been more around when I was younger. I had my usual favourite flavour burger; bacon and cheese. It hit the spot.

Although Cardiff was very confusing to navigate as there were quite a few different malls and so many Starbucks'! I loved the variety of shops, it was just a shame we didn't have enough time nor money to spend! We were about to get a coffee at the next coffee shop we saw when...WE FOUND A FRICKIN' TIM HORTONS IN CARDIFF. WHAT THE HELL. I was elated, I may even have fangirled. I had only been to Canada last summer and had the pleasure to taste their amazing coffee and breakfast muffins, so I made Connor go to this one and get some. Which he did not regret, as we went back later to get one for the trip home. Cardiff, I love you.

Because I'm clearly not over my mustard beanie, here's some more photo's Connor took of me looking all sassy and stuff.

It was a shame we didn't get to spend much time in Cardiff, but I see it as a little taster of the city and I will definitely be back.

As you can see how bright my hat was, we bumped into other Paramore fans wearing the same hat and we would smile and wave to each other. How nice is that? Complete strangers being friendly because of a mutual love for Paramore and bright mustard hats.

I hope you enjoyed my little post on Cardiff and Paramore, I had such a lovely time away with Connor.

I got a few photos of the hotel we stayed at, let me know if you would like a little review!

Love Saffron x


  1. Ooh a trip to Cardiff is worth it for Tim Hortons! Really want to go to Cardiff, I’ve heard it’s a tad spread out but there’s some brilliant cocktail bars and vintage shops. Great post x

    1. Yes, I couldn't believe my eyes! I didn't get to see much there in such a short space of time, but I'm definitely inspired to visit again!

      Thank you!

      Saffron x


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