Monday 3 April 2017

Beauty and the Beast Review (2017)

I recently saw the live action version of Beauty and the Beast, I knew this was probably the most excited I'd been for a Disney reboot (aside from Alice in Wonderland). I love Emma Watson and her values, and that she turned down the chance to be in La La Land for BATB. If you haven't seen the original BATB or ever heard of it before, then beware there may be some spoilers!

Somehow I had forgotten how much I love this fairytale, I used to watch it non-stop (when I wasn't watching The Lion King) and I'm pretty sure it's where I got the idea to have my own massive library similar to the one in the Beast's castle.

I wasn't too sure on the casting choice of Dan Stevens for the Beast, I loved him in Downton Abbey but thought he seemed a bit odd in the beginning (he did have some rather bowie-esque make up on). Plus you don't really see him throughout the film, mainly just his voice in Beast mode. Sometime's the animation for the Beast seemed a little unrealistic, yet in other times he was really believable and even a bit scary (for a 21 year old).

Emma Watson aced it as Belle, I couldn't help but think how much of an inspiration she is, and that her and Belle hold the same values, much as I do too.

I'm going off tangent for a second here! I was getting some serious girl boss and feminist vibes throughout the film. Belle doesn't want to marry, or at least not marry Gaston, but he and the other villagers think a woman should be domesticated and reproduce. I feel these prejudices remain today, and I'm a sucker for growing up wanting to marry and have kids, however, I also have so much drive to make something of myself, why can't a woman do both?

Now I know it is hard to have a career and have kids, but I do want both in time, my career will come first for the meantime, as I've always believed in having a career and home before having children. And I know that perhaps Belle's values get a bit lost when she falls in love with the Beast, but they have common interests and explore those together. And yes sometimes when you fall in love you do lose yourself, but she's still so headstrong that she know's what she wants, and she still admits to not being free.

She changes the Beast, I also know that when I was growing up I heard the phrase "a leopard doesn't change it's spots", but at some point in a persons life they were good. Love can change people, sometimes more than others, and women aren't stupid for thinking they can change men. It means they have power to tame the beast.

Right, I think I've said my piece now!

This version does more or less run side by side with the animation, but it also had other elements of comedy in it. Belle also gets involved with inventing, which I heard some people didn't like, but I love that she learns from her father, she's a smart woman how could she not pick up a skill? It also was a huge surprise as to whom some of the furniture characters were played by! For example Emma Thompson played Mrs Potts, Ewan McGregor - Lumiére and Ian McKellen plays Cogsworth, and I didn't find out until they were turned back into human form.

I loved the music, I know it's the same to the animation but the film as a whole just made me smile whilst sitting in the cinema and the occasional giggle out loud. I can see why people went to see it again, when it comes out on DVD I am definitely buying it so I can watch it on repeat! I also might get the soundtrack too...

I know this isn't my usual content for my blog, but I loved the film so much I just had to write about it and about what it means to me. Plus, I am mainly a lifestyle blogger so I write about things in my life, and here you go; 'A Film I Loved'.

I would definitely recommend you see it while you can, especially if you are a Disney fan! I wouldn't call myself a massive Disney fan but I do love Disney films!

I hope you enjoyed some different content on my blog, and let me know what you thought of Beauty and the Beast or whether you will go and see it!

Saffron x

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