Tuesday 13 September 2016

Anna Saccone Necklace Unboxing and Review

For my birthday, I knew I wanted an Anna Saccone necklace. Anna is a YouTuber along with her husband Jonathan Joly, with their two children.

I think I heard about her jewellery through a vlog, or a friend who watches the Saccone Joly's regularly. I immediately fell in love with the design, and the story behind the range.

The pictures above are the packaging the necklace comes in. There's also two really cute cards to find out how Anna decided to create the jewellery range.

I really loved the idea that Anna had a necklace of his, and designed the other star signs from that necklace. I love being a Leo (whatever that means to you) I love lions, and big cats, and for some reason love that it is my star sign. I just thought it was a very pretty piece of jewellery, and I asked my lovely boyfriend if it could be one of my birthday presents!

I chose the silver one, as the rest of my jewellery is silver so I wanted it to match! I really like the quality of the lion piece, and the chain, I've had it since about the 15th August, and I've worn it to bed and to V Festival and it's endured everyday use. I had started taking it off before bed and before showers just in case! 

One issue, is that it gets delivered from America and it took roughly a month to arrive, whereas on the website I believe it said three weeks, but I'm a patient girl!

All in all, I'm really happy with the necklace, with how it's designed and the really cute backstory of it's making.

You can find all of Anna's jewellery line here: https://stilnest.com/en_us/annasaccone



  1. its rubbish jewellery breaks crap quality

  2. Hello, I've been wearing mine since posting this. And mine hasn't broken, I've even been wearing it to bed and it's still in tact. I'd suggest if yours has broken that you contact them for a replacement!

    Saffron x

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