Sunday 13 March 2016

I'm Now on YouTube!


I previously mentioned making the leap from my blog to vlog in other posts, and it's taken some time but I did it!

I recorded about four videos in total and I chose the one I liked best, as I find it quite hard being on screen it took me a few goes to come across the way I want to everyone.

Being a perfectionist is hard, especially when it comes to knowing that people are going to be watching and listening to you (hopefully!) as I don't want to come off as perfect, because that's not who I am. I want to show you guys who I am (this includes my weird side) I also screened my video to two of my closest friends first to see what they thought. Even though I do come off a bit awkward it's just an introduction of myself and what kind of videos I would make. So hopefully it does look ok and that I don't come off as a complete moron!

Please don't take me too seriously, I want to make videos for fun and to document my life, so feel free to laugh at me!

Here it is:

I even got a little bit fancy and made my own thumbnail, so please appreciate how long it took me to finally make a video and edit it! I did leave in some weird bits, and there are cuts and jumps in it as I'm still settling into making videos of myself, it's kind of scary but exciting at the same time!

I'm hoping that soon I will pluck up some more courage and put out videos regularly, as I want to build up my confidence by doing this as well.

If you're interested in watching my videos, I'll be speaking to you very soon!

Love Saffron x


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