Monday 11 January 2016

Chop the Tresses!

Hi guys!

On Friday the 8th of January I finally did something I've been needing to do for a long time!

I've been growing my hair since I regretfully cut it above shoulder length about four years ago, and I've been praying for it to grow it to the length it was. In the past year my hair got really long, which I was delighted with!

I can't find any decent photos to show you my long locks from four years back, as I wasn't really into selfies or documenting my life. What I can show you was the length I had it before I got it cut and the after photo, as I sure wasn't missing this opportunity!

As you can see previously, with my dark brown/auburn hair, and dip dyed ends, it doesn't look very healthy and it just looks dead. Whereas in the next photo it all looks so much healthier! I don't regret my cut, it's at the perfect length for me as it's not too short and not too long either, and I got it re-dipdyed as it all got cut off!

I also love that aside from my grown out fringe that my hair is all one length! It's been bugging me that my hair was so uneven through grown out layers I had put in years ago!

I thoroughly recommend any of you with fairly long hair, to get a good chop off as it's so refreshing! I feel more motivated to do more with my hair now, so keep watch for my (poor) experimentation!

Saffron x

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