Tuesday 1 May 2018

Molly's Den | Winchester

A few weeks ago myself and a couple of my friends and my boyfriend; Connor, decided to have a little day out in Winchester. We went to Molly's Den; an antique and vintage warehouse filled with different sellers products. These can range from collections of limited edition milk bottles to antique furniture, or handmade items.

Since becoming more aware of the environment, and the amount of waste we produce, I've been really getting into buying from small businesses, second-hand pages and websites. It makes it more of a mission to acquire certain items, but it makes it feel worth it knowing that instead of buying something brand new, you're rehoming an item. I recently found a pair of gorgeous black boots when I was least expecting it in Wickham, a quaint little town outside of Fareham, Hampshire. They have some lovely vintage shops filled with goodies.

There's two floors to explore and a lovely little cafe if you get tired of browsing and need a rest.

I want this sloth onesie for my future children.

Just some of the examples of lovely handmade gifts, or products for the home. I personally love "Sorry you're feeling ruff".

I absolutely love vintage typewriters, I had a very girly modern one when I was younger. I love how you really had to know what you were going to write, and if you made a mistake having to get the tipex out to try and fix it.

There are lovely little trinket items for the home or gifts as well, I thoroughly recommend visiting Molly's Den, they do have new sellers setting up areas and change over of sellers so you never know what you might find...

Or at least have a look in your local area for charity shops, vintage and antique places, it can be a lovely trip out.

There's also a few instagramable places, so please enjoy this selfie of myself and my beautiful friend Lily, who has her own blog and you should take a look.

I hope you enjoyed my little post about Molly's Den. Please let me know in the comments of other lovely antique vintage places around the U.K I'd love to visit them!

As always,
Love Saffron x

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